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Intellinet Downloads:

BootROM Version 0030-019 (161 KB)
Firmware Version 0030-195,  June 2003
Added "Sender Address" field for SMTP function!
Fixed JPG Decoder Bug! (1 MB)
IP Installer Application:
(for TCP/IP setup)
550550-IP_installer.exe(212 KB)
Upgrade Utility V. 1.02
(for Firmware and BootROM upgrade)
550550-upgrade.exe (216 KB)
PDA Viewer Application for Windows CE 3.0 (1.3 MB)
ActiveX Control Remover
(Lets you remove the current control and install a new one, resolves problems with the live image not showing up in the browser after a  firmware upgrade.
The BAT is designed for c:\windows installations!
Please also refer to the FAQ SECTION!)

User Manual:

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